About zombain.io

Be ready for an epic zombie shooter game called Zombain.io unblocked! You can get access to this new zombie io game in your browser for free. You are going to face against lots of wicked enemy zombies in Zombain.io free online. The only key to success in this tough battle is to keep shooting down your enemies without getting yourself shot. With a basic revolver in your hand, use it to gun down any rivals standing in your way. Since the gun is armed with unlimited ammo, feel free to deal damage to others continuously. But as you progress, the battle will become much harder to master. This means that you must find better weapons dispersed on the ground to get yourself stronger. Tactics is also a crucial element for your victory! Develop your tactics through over time to get an upper hand on zombies. There is a leaderboard in Zombain free shooter game. Will you get to the top and rule it?

How To Play

Perform the movement using the mouse and shoot at zombies using the left mouse button.

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