About Wormax2.io

Addictive gameplay mechanics and a wide range of features are the main elements making Wormax2.io unblocked popular! Are you ready to join this Slitherio-inspired snake game for free? A whole new adventure is waiting for you ahead. You spawn in the map as a small worm and you must quickly go as much as fruit on the map to get your body longer for killing other enemy worms. You will find yourself much more powerful after eating some fruit. Keep devouring them until you become a large worm. When you encounter enemies, try to encircle them with your long body to make them run into you, or choose to speed boost to cut them off. There are many traps and tricks you can use to outwit those rivals. Whatever you do, make sure you always avoid contact with other snakes, if your head hits their body, you will meet a sticky end immediately. Keep your worm alive until you rule the leaderboard. May you have a good time with Wormax2.io free game!

How To Play

Use Q or mouse to speed up, press W to stop moving, E to become invisible and number 1-5 to use a smiley.

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