About Rich City

Rich City unblocked free game online opens up another zombie apocalypse challenging the surviving skill of players. You know that there are many zombie io games like this in browsers, and Rich City free is one of them that has just been added to the io game list, which should be checked out right now. When the game commences, some players have to purchase items and search for hiding places so they can cope with the hosts of zombies coming up. There are only 10 seconds before they come, so you must be ready for it. The zombies will do whatever it takes to spread the contamination to make all players sick and wipe them out of the map. Therefore, if you are on the side of humans, try your best to survive this contamination. But if you are a zombie, make sure you slay all humans before they dominate the arena. Team up with your comrades whatever side you are on! Will your team win this battle? Play Rich City free online right now!

How To Play

Move with WASD, use the mouse cursor to spin, key B to open the human’s shop, left mouse to use items, key G to drop items, and key E to collect items.

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