About Lordz.io

Lordz.io online in browsers is a very entertaining io game with many achievements and features to explore. You become a powerful lord taking on a big mission which is to increase your population as well as expand your kingdom by vanquishing multiple enemy units. You make your way through the map collecting as many gold coins as possible, together with some basic resources. You have to use your earned coins to purchase many units to build up a strong army, such as knights, barbarians, archers, soldiers, and dragons. These units will help you in conquest and killing enemies. Besides engaging in the fights, you must also protect your base with defensive towers and create more houses to get your population higher. Try to solve all of those challenges with good strategies for a better chance of winning. Will you become the most powerful lord in Lordz.io game? Play it now in full-screen mode!

How To Play

Move your character using the mouse, press E to create a house, R to create a tower. Use T/Y/U/I/O to call for units, such as soldiers, knights, archers, barbarians and dragons, respectively. Press spacebar to divide your army.

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