About Happy Snakes

Can you become the happiest snake in Happy Snakes free io game inspired by Slither.io? Throw yourself into the arena of Happy Snakes online right now to express your slithering skill and see if you can take on all other enemy snakes or not. You will direct your happy snake around the map eating as many glowing dots as possible that are all scattered around you. For a lot of dots devoured, your snake’s size will be much more increased. Once you reach the larger size, it means that you will be able to tackle all other snakes easily without too much trouble. You can outplay them by speeding up to surpass them, blocking their exits, and having them run into you. Make sure you protect yourself all the time, otherwise, you will be easily defeated by your opponents, causing the game to be over. Like Slither.io, in Happy Snakes game, you must top the leaderboard to become the best snake of all!

How To Play

Perform the movement of your snake using the mouse, and click the left mouse button to speed up.

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