About Gulch.io

With another Battle Royale game called Gulch.io unblocked, you will earn yourself a brand new experience and have your skills tested one more time. In Gulch.io free online, tactics are very important to your success. You will compete against many opponents from around the world and try to defeat them all for your ultimate victory. You begin with nothing in your hands, so you must go find new weapons with some useful equipment to strengthen yourself even more. Don\’t be hesitant to kill any enemies that stand in your way, because if you don\’t finish them first, you will be the one that ends up getting destroyed instead. You should take advantage of your surroundings, exploit your strategies to outplay the opponents and survive until you become the winner of the match. Hope you have an amazing time playing Gulch.io free in your browser! Don’t forget to express your surviving skill!

How To Play

Move your character using WASD, click the left mouse to fire, click the right mouse to aim, use key F to open a door, key E to collect items, key I to open the inventory, key M to open the map and key Enter to chat.

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