About Go! Eat! Bomb!

Go Eat Bomb unblocked is a game that is pretty much like Agar.io. You will step into a huge world overrun by monsters and a wide range of explosive objects in Go Eat Bomb online game. The main task here is to eat up all those objects as well as devour all smaller players to increase your size. You have to stay away from bombs because they will make you explode if you eat them. Also, during the course of the game, pay close attention to your eye color and the indicator on the left side of the screen! This is a very important thing to do because if the eye color is red or the indicator is full while your mouth is still closed, you will explode for sure. So whatever you do, be sure to leave your mouth open sometimes to avoid getting destroyed. You aim to become the biggest monster ruling the leaderboard in Go Eat Bomb free.

How To Play

Move your monster using the mouse. Left click to open the mouth, interact with the bought items using number keys 1-5.

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