About Crowded City.io

Crowded City.io unblocked must be an awesome zombies game based on Crowd City Mobile. You will enter a big city in which you must eat up all everything around you and devour the smaller enemy zombies for getting yourself larger. Through over time, you can totally build up a big crowd packed with strong zombies for yourself. Keep eating everything standing in your way, however, you must stay away from the opponents that are way larger than you for your life, or else you will get eaten, and the adventure will come to an end instantly. As you play, try to develop some good strategies which can be used to outwit the tough players, and of course, you will have a better chance to survive. Your main objective in Crowded City the game is to become the best zombie on the leaderboard. Have yourself ready now then jump into the adventure!

How To Play

Move your crowd around the city using the mouse or arrow keys.

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