About chops.io

Can you survive in a huge ocean packed with fishes and predators in Chops.io unblocked? Let’s dive into this underwater adventure right now to perform your surviving skill. You play as a little fish seeking glory and domination in a huge ocean like this, which is not easy for a small fish like you at all. You have to wander around the map carefully eating as much food as possible to grow your size. After reaching a big size, you can take on the bigger sea creatures that you come across, then quickly eliminate them out of the ocean before you get destroyed by someone else. Since the seas are extremely huge, it is unavoidable to encounter deadly predators, especially the larger fish. You must protect your fish from them at all costs. If you get eaten, the game will be over immediately. Think you can survive longer and get to the top of the leaderboard in Chops.io free online? Much fun with it!

How To Play

Use the left mouse or press the spacebar to accelerate your fish, click the right mouse or use key Ctrl to speed up and bite.

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